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Mountains To Sea Inspections (Asheville Office) – Rate Sheet

Please ask about our discounts for military and veterans, law enforcement and emergency personnel, education professionals and Mission Hospital employees.

- Mountains To Sea Inspections

SQFT To Inspect Home Inspection Additional Services
0-1500sqft $350 Radon Testing +$120 w/ Inspection
1501-2000sqft $375
2001-2500sqft $400 Water Testing - Starts at $85 for bacteria and up to $350 for well and FHA testing
2501-3000sqft $425
3001-3500sqft $475 Septic Inspections - $825 and up
3501- 4000sqft $525
4001-4500sqft $575
4501-5000sqft $625
Over 5,000sqft Please Call For Pricing Homes older than 60 years are subject to $50-100 age fees.

Travel Fee

Will be charged $50-$150 depending on distance